Child Photography

  • Have Patience:  Take time to allow children to feel comfortable around you.  It is hard for them to be natural when there is a big camera lens in their face.
  • Get down to child’s level:  Squat down to their level –you then are on the same playing field, and children are much more comfortable.
  • Get genuine emotions:  Asking kids to smile or say “cheese” does not lead to a natural smile. Try engaging with kids by making them laugh using funny faces, stuffed animals and/or puppets. Ask them questions about what they like to do. Engaging them will get real laughter and smiles.
  • Find the light:  Natural sources are the best. Position a group near a window, or place lamps adjacent to enable clear crisp photos. Use flash as a last resort, as it can “wash out” color.
  • Just relax:  Kids respond well to normalcy. If you are patient, your child will warm up, and you’ll get the professional kids portraits you’re looking for.
  • Be quick:  Set your camera to a fast shutter speed and use a high ISO. Kids move quickly and you have to freeze the moment.
  • Vary your shots:  Move in close and focus on their busy hands, their little feet, and their sweet faces. Move around with them to get a great variety of photos.
  • Be sneaky:  Candid portrait photography often produces beautiful images because the subject is unsuspecting and relaxed.
  • Don’t force it:  If a child is not enjoying the session, learn when to put the camera down. Respecting the child’s privacy is a better way to get the photo later.

Preparing for a Kids Photography Session

Just a few things to keep in mind when preparing for your professional child photography session:

  • Clothes: Bring 2 or 3 outfits including a dressy outfit, something that your child is comfortable in, and something that reflects their personality.  Bold and plain colors often work well for kids photography.  

  • Toys: Bring your child’s favorite toy to play with. This will help relax your child and engage them allowing for some fun and genuine portraits.
  • People: Consider adding mom, dad, or siblings to a couple of the shots.  It adds another point of interest and showcases ‘relationships’.

Child photography sessions are held at our studio in Belmont-just north of Grand Rapids, Michigan. In most cases, we can also travel to nearby locations.

Photos by Bur’den wants your child’s photography  experience to be fun and relaxing for both of you. We have a landscaped backyard with a pond, barn, sand scene, stream with bridge, and a gazebo. We want children to be able  to explore and be themselves so we can capture their innocence in professional kids portraits  that you can treasure forever.

Tips for Taking Professional Kids Portraits